Stationary training

PacDrive 3 - Diagnostics of ELAU/ Schneider Electric servo drives

Course time: 2 days

The training aims to acquire the skills of PacDrive 3 system diagnostics. The participants of the training will be introduced to programs facilitating the diagnostics of PacDrive devices - Controller Assistant, Diagnostics, and Device Assistant. The course will show, how to make system backups (so-called backups), read diagnostic data, and change the firmware version of PacDrive 3 system devices. In addition, participants will get acquainted with the SoMachine Motion - Logic Builder software used to create the control program for the LMC motion controllers.

Scope of the training

  • An introduction to the PacDrive 3 family of devices - including controllers, servo drives, servo motors, I/O modules, and software
  • Description of the SERCOS III communication protocol used in PacDrive 3 devices
  • Description, nomenclature, and technical data for controllers, Lexium 52 and Lexium 62 servo drives, and SH3, MH3, and SHS servo motors
  • Controller-PC connection
  • Creating, managing, and uploading a system backup to the controller using Controller Assistant
  • Adding firmware to the Controller Assistant library
  • Changing the firmware version on PacDrive 3 devices
  • Downloading and analyzing diagnostic data using the Diagnostics program
  • Managing and basic modification of the control program using Logic Builder, downloading and uploading the control program to the controller
  • Procedures for replacing faulty components

Requirements for participants:

  • Knowledge of PC and Windows
  • PLC programming basics
  • Basics of electrical drive
  • Basic knowledge of English

Terms and conditions

  • The application form is a legally binding contract between the training organiser and the applicant.
  • In order to be included in the list of training participants, an application form must be sent together with a copy of the payment confirmation at the latest 7 days before the beginning of the training.
  • In case of resignation less than 7 days before the beginning of the training, the amount paid is not refundable.
  • If the number of participants does not reach the required minimum, DYNAMOTION reserves the right to reschedule the training.

Benefits for participants

The knowledge and skills developed during the training will allow you to:

  • increase the independence of engineers when operating and servicing PacDrive 3 systems
  • improve awareness of equipment capabilities
  • save time required to diagnose the cause of failure
  • minimize costs resulting from the risk of failure and unplanned downtime

The training will enable the participant to acquire skills and knowledge of:

  • PacDrive 3 family controllers, servo amplifiers, and servo motors
  • use of diagnostic software, including downloading diagnostic data, making and restoring a system backup, changing the firmware version
  • quick use of the help system to learn about possible causes and solutions to errors registered in the LMC controller
  • replace faulty devices and restore the machine to full operation
  • navigate in the Logic Builder development environment to facilitate modifications or debugging of the controller program