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DYNAMOTION – a new distributor of Telemecanique products

Telemecanique is a brand that needs no introduction to people from the automation industry. Their products have been trusted by customers around the world for years. Over 90 years of experience and constantly implemented innovations have resulted in the creation by Telemecanique Sensors a wide range of sensor solutions that support e.g. fast-growing trends such as industrial automation, IoT or Industry 4.0.

Currently, Telemecanique Sensors is entering the next stage of its development. Soon the brand will become a part of YAGEO Corporation - a global supplier of electronic components and services. DYNAMOTION will be the distributor of Telemecanique products.

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YAGEO is a Taiwanese company founded in 1977 with production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. It offers its customers resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components and components for circuit protection, which are used, among others, in aviation, medicine, automotive, telecommunications and many other industries. YAGEO is a world leader in chip resistors, tantalum capacitors, inductors and MLCC.

In October last year, the company announced the acquisition of Telemecanique Sensors, which, until now, was a part of Schneider Electric - a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. The transaction, valued at EUR 723 million, on the part of Schneider Electric is dictated by the desire to simplify the offer of industrial automation. For YAGEO it is an opportunity to strengthen its position on the global market in the field of premium products, as well as to expand its offer and relations with industrial customers around the world.

„We will be able to deliver an even more comprehensive product range for our customers from passive components to a broad range of high-end electronic components.”

Pierre Chen, president and founder of YAGEO

DYNAMOTION dystrybutor dystrybutorem marki Telemecanique Sensors YAEGO Schneider Electric rygle bezpieczeńtwa safety systemy bezpieczeństwa

YAGEO has already completed successful takeovers, mergers and integrations. The investment in Telemecanique Sensors is part of the company's strategy, which wants to focus on providing the highest quality solutions. From November 2023, the company will obtain a license to use the Telemecanique Sensors name and acquire a number of sensor patents. Production in Europe will be transferred to France and the existing distribution network will also change.

Our company has been included in the elite group of Telemecanique distributors. DYNAMOTION has been a certified partner of Schneider Electric since 2021 and offers its customers Telemecanique solutions. The takeover of the brand by YAGEO opens up new opportunities for us.

“The purchase of Telemecanique by the Taiwanese company YAGEO, which specializes in the production of electronic components, gives the brand a chance to develop, increasing the emphasis on developing new and improving existing products. Moving distribution and production in Europe to one location in France will allow for more agile execution of orders and deliveries, allowing us to respond to the challenges faced by the automation market in recent years.”

Mateusz Biega, packaging machine automation specialist at DYNAMOTION

As a distributor of Telemecanique, DYNAMOTION will be able to efficiently provide its customers with the most modern and constantly improved premium class products, but also provide spare parts, local service, and support in expanding industry knowledge and organizing training for clients.

Telemecaniqe in a new setting!

DYNAMOTION – a new distributor of Telemecanique products

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DYNAMOTION dystrybutorem marki Telemecanique Sensors YAEGO Schneider Electric rygle bezpieczeńtwa safety systemy bezpieczeństwa dystrybutor
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