Hazard-free work.

An extremely important, if not the most important, aspect of workstation design is safety. Machines working in a plant must not pose a danger to a person who comes near them.

Modern technologies offer a number of different solutions that reduce the risk of unfortunate accidents. The selection of appropriate components and their configuration allows the creation of a machine safety system that significantly reduces the risks in the machine workspace.

Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego

Safety components
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In our offer, you will find products from Schneider Electric - the world leader in the automation market. These are solutions that are designed to provide comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment. All offered safety components comply with international standards and are certified by TÜV and cULus.

High-quality, solutions are created based on the years of experience of the Telemecanique brand in the Schneider range - these are the most important features of the safety elements we offer so that you can create a reliable safety system. As an authorized distributor of Schneider Electric products, we have extensive knowledge of the products offered, which allows us to professionally support our customers in the selection of devices for the security system, and the local warehouse allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill orders.


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Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego

Safety Controllers

Suitable for extensive and advanced circuits. These are used where traditional safety relays prove insufficient. The control program that they use can be changed or corrected at will, without the need to rebuild peripheral devices.

Safety relays

Are one of the main protective elements. Usually, they work on the principle of disconnecting the power supply when there is a state of danger to the life or health of the operator or a risk of damage to the machine.

Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego
Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego Preventa

Safety light curtains

These are electrosensitive protective devices. As soon as one of the light beams is interrupted, they stop the movement of machines. Light curtains help protect personnel without the use of mechanical restraints. This greatly facilitates access to machinery and contributes to reducing loading, inspection, or adjustment activities.

Safety switches

They break the control circuit of the machine start-up when the protective guard is open or removed. Using operating contacts, they stop machine movement which could prove dangerous to the operator.

Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego Preventa

Safety bolts

They are a kind of limit switches - otherwise known as coded mechanical limit switches. They consist of an activator (key) and an actuator. The pulling out of the actuator depends on the authorization, that is, the application of voltage to the coil that powers the bolt. Powering the coil releases the deadbolt. They are used most often in doors, windows, flaps, or movable guards.

Wire switches

Also called wire emergency stop switches. They can be triggered by wire breakage or by human action when the traditional emergency stop function is not available. They allow the earliest possible prevention of hazards that could cause injury to persons or damage to machinery.

Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego Preventa
Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego Preventa

E-stop buttons

Also known as safety buttons or emergency stop buttons. They are the most commonly used safety components in machinery and production systems. Their operation usually boils down to disconnecting the power supply to the relevant circuit, which causes the machine to stop quickly.

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