Safety controller

Full control and flexibility of the security system

Safety controllers are devices that work for complex and advanced systems. They are used where traditional safety relays prove insufficient. The control program used in them can be changed or corrected at any time, without rebuilding the peripherals.

What is a safety controller
and when is it used?

The safety controller is the main component of the safety system. It allows you to monitor a wide variety of safety functions on and around the machine, such as:

  • emergency stop,
  • shield monitoring,
  • perimeter protection,
  • position monitoring,
  • speed monitoring,
  • movement enabling.

Safety controls are used to minimize the risk of people accessing dangerous moving machine parts. They allow you to build complex safety systems, and one controller can replace up to a dozen safety relays, saving space in the control cabinet and facilitating control over the entire system.

Modicon modular safety controllers

In our offer, you will find Modicon MCM modular safety controllers, which are widely used in creating complete safety systems.

Our products are a combination of modern technologies and many years of Schneider Electric brand experience - a leading manufacturer of safety solutions.

Modicon MCM controllers meet all the necessary industrial safety standards, confirmed by the TϋV SÜD certificate.


Safety Controller

I/O safety modules

Safe speed monitoring module

is suitable for machines with few safety features that require flexibility. It can be used alone or with up to fourteen extension modules.

are I/O extensions that allow the extension of existing machine automation systems to increase the number of safe inputs/outputs.

are modules for monitoring the speed of machines. They are used to protect machines against damage as a result of overloading or exceeding the permissible speed.

Modicon MCM system components

  • Safety controller - can be used alone or together with expansion modules.
  • Safety I/O modules - digital input, solid state, and relay output modules or mixed input/output modules.
  • Safe speed monitoring modules - for proximity sensors and safety encoders, analogue input safety modules - Sin/Cos, HTL, TTL.
  • Communication extension safety modules - for safe islanding.
  • Communication modules - interfaces to the machine Fieldbus (CANopen, Profibus DP,Modbus Serial (RTU) and networks (EtherCAT, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP).
  • Intuitive configuration software - SoSafe Configurable.
  • Memory card - available to save configuration data to facilitate maintenance and configuration of the safety controller processor.
  • Mounting plate expansion connectors - for connecting modules to the safety controller CPU.

Why choose the Modicon MCM system?



Reduced cables

Easy set-up and testing

Installation at any location

Easy maintenance

It is suitable for machines with a small number of safety functions. It can be used alone or with up to fourteen expansion modules.

The software's combined multi-functional configuration means that the wiring of inputs and outputs can be greatly simplified.

The intuitive software allows logical configuration, as well as visualization, offline simulation, testing, and online commissioning.

A wide range of communication expansion modules gives you the opportunity to connect your system anywhere.

An interchangeable memory card can be used to transfer the configuration to another safety controller without software, facilitating machine maintenance.

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