Safety Modules

The basic protection element

Safety modules are one of the main protective components. They usually work by disconnecting the power supply when there is a state of danger to the life or health of the operator or a risk of damage to the machine.

What is a safety module and what are its functions?


A safety module is an electronic device consisting of at least two relays and a microprocessor chip. It allows monitoring of specific functions, reacting when it detects abnormalities. When combined with other safety components, such as safety switches and light curtains, it forms a complete machine safety system.

Immediate power cut-off is not the only function of safety modules. They can also prevent unintentional starting, limit speed, position, or allow controlled stop or controlled hold, that is, stopping the machine while maintaining power.

Harmony XPS safety relays - learn about our products

We offer Harmony XPS (previously Preventa XPS) safety modules. These are high quality products from Schneider Electric, developed on the basis of many years of experience of the Telemecanique brand.


Harmony XPS Series breakdown:

  • Harmony XPS Basic are basic modules with a predefined safety function. They provide the most optimal solution for uncomplexed applications.
  • Harmony XPS Universal are universal safety modules with a pre-defined safety function or a safety function selected by rotary switches. They combine the simplicity of using safety modules with the variety of messages for which more complex and expensive Fieldbus technology was previously required.
Systemy bezpieczeństwa maszynowego

XPSBAC type safety module

XPSBAT type safety module

XPSUAF type safety module

It is used for monitoring monitor E-stop and Guard switch. It has 4 NO safety outputs and a built-in, configurable NC output for signaling to the PLC.

is used for monitoring Emergency stop circuits. In addition to the immediate opening outputs, it also includes a time delay output up to 900 s.

is used to monitor various safety components, such as light curtains, mechanical guard switches and others. The safety functions and the start function are selectable.

Facts about Harmony XPS safety modules

  • Width – 22,5 mm and 45 mm.
  • 2 rows of terminals - on the top and bottom side (screw or spring).
  • Transparent flap on the front - protects the selector switches from manipulation.
  • Side connection for extension unit - no external wiring required
    (except XPSB, XPSUAB and XPSUEP).
  • Housing– IP40, terminals IP20.
  • Mounting support – 35 mm symmetrical DIN rail.
  • Time delay selection - on the front of the module, range from 0 to 900s.
  • Two power supply options - 24 V AC/DC or from 48 to 240 V AC/DC.

Why is it worth choosing Harmony XPS safety modules?



Regulatory compliance

Life cycle of the machine

A simple point-to-point connection allows more than 40 different messages to be sent to the PLC.

With the help of a single safety module, you can find any information regarding the status of the machine or upcoming diagnostic dates.

Schneider Electric's safety devices ensure regulatory compliance and make machine certification faster and easier.

Solutions for risk assessment, validation, documentation, operation and maintenance contribute to extending the life cycle of machines.

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