local training

 PacDrive 3 - Basic Machine Programming

Time of the course: 3 days

The aim of the course is to acquire the skills to configure, program, and diagnose LMC motion controllers from the PacDrive 3 family using SoMachine Motion 4.3 software.

Training scope

  • Introduction to and initial configuration of the Logic Builder environment
  • Creation of projects in IEC 61131-3 compliant languages:
    • FBD language
    • ST language
    • SFC language
  • Creation, editing and operation of servo programs:
    • Manual mode
    • Automatic mode
    • Jog
    • Homing
  • Program creation and editing based on Schneider Electric libraries
  • Create and edit your own types and data structures
  • Configuration of the Trace tool for tracing signal and variable changes
  • Structure and content of the CF memory card of the controller
  • Handling specific operating states of the PLC:
    • Cold start
    • Warm start
    • Power cycle
    • Reset origin
    • Reset diagnostic message

Requirements for participants:

  • Knowledge of PC and Windows
  • Good knowledge of PLC programming (including LD, FBD, ST languages)
  • Basics of electrical drive
  • Previous completion of the course "PacDrive 3 servo systems diagnostics" is recommended.


  • The application form is a legally binding agreement between the training organizer and the applicant.
  • In order to be included in the list of training participants, an application form must be sent together with a copy of the payment confirmation
  • 7 days before the beginning of the training at the latest
  • In case of resignation less than 7 days before the beginning of a course, the amount paid is not refundable
  • If the number of participants does not reach the required minimum, DYNAMOTION reserves the right to change the training date

Benefits for participants

The skills and knowledge acquired during the training will:

  • increase the independence of engineers when operating and servicing PacDrive 3 systems
  • enable programming of LMC motion controllers from the PacDrive 3 family
  • increase awareness of hardware capabilities
    saving time required to diagnose the cause of failure
  • minimalize the costs resulting from the risk of failures and unplanned downtime
  • give the ability to use and apply knowledge in daily operations on multiple machines
  • increase working comfort
    and self-confidence

The trainee will acquire skills and knowledge of:

  • controllers, servo amplifiers, and servo motors from the PacDrive 3 family
  • controller and servo amplifier configuration
  • programming the LMC motion controllers in the SoMachine Motion Logic Builder development environment
  • downloading the control program source code
  • create motion cams for servo motors
  • quickly use the help system to facilitate the programming of motion controllers
  • replacing a defective device and restoring the machine to full operation